5 More Reasons Dr. Oz Says You Should Lose 10 Pounds

by Shannon on October 3, 2010

Previously posted were 5 of the 10 reasons Dr. Oz believes people who are over weight should lose weight.  They are most definitely reasons worth taking a second– maybe even a third look at–so here are the final 5 reasons for you to seriously consider losing just 10 pounds.

Final 5 Reasons to Lose 10 Pounds:

Reduce Your Joint Pain. Losing weight reduces the amount of pressure that is put on your joints.  Ten extra pounds of weight creates 30 pounds of pressure pushing down on your knees and that pressure is multiplied by 7 when going up stairs, creating 70 pounds of extra pressure on your knees.  Eventually the extra pressure will cause you to lose the joint protecting cartilage, leaving you with arthritis instead.

Losing just 10 pounds may reduce your risk for arthritis by up to 50%.

Reduce Your Risk for Cancer. Fat cells tend to release hormones such as estrogen and insulin that may be linked to cancer growth.

Losing just 10 pounds can greatly reduce the amount of cancer causing hormones released into the body, consequently, reducing your risk of developing cancer.  In the cases of breast cancer and uterine cancer, losing just 8 pounds significantly reduces the risk.

Reduce Your Risk for Diabetes. Too much weight can cause the body not to respond as well to insulin, the sugar managing hormone, possibly causing you to develop type II diabetes.

Losing just 10 pounds reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes by as much as 60%

Improve Your Sex Life. Excess weight is linked to erectile dysfunction in at least 80% of overweight men. Obesity also causes high blood pressure and diabetes, two more conditions known to decrease your sex drive.

Losing just 10 pounds can reduce blood pressure and risk for diabetes.

Reduce Your Reliance on Medications. Weight loss reduces blood pressure, which may lead to reduction in the amount of blood pressure medications you have to take or possibly eliminate the need for it entirely.  Weight loss may also reduce the need for other medications as well, such as for high cholesterol, saving your health and your money.

Again, losing just 10 pounds reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, also reducing medication consumption.


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John Wright August 3, 2013 at 6:55 am

Losing weight helps you in many cases of your live. It makes you to live with more flexibility and mobility. All the above mentioned 5 factors are very important to live happily. Whereas if you are affected to arthritis that would be a problem to you daily as it cant be cured immediately and makes your daily activities difficult too.


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