Binkini: How to Get A Jennifer Lopez Butt Without Surgery

by Betsy on Celebs on March 29, 2010

Have you been doing countless lunges, squats and any other imaginable exercise to be bootylicious like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce? Well, keep it up, a little exercise is always a good thing but you may want to think about getting a Binkini to boost your booty and your self-esteem. The contraption (pictured above) was invented by California psychologist, Dr. Karin Hart. She designed it after she had lost weight and saw that her rear-end had lost its shape. She said,

“When I lost some weight, I looked for a derriere lift in stores. Since I couldn’t find one I decided to make something for myself to get the boost I wanted.”

The Bumkini has a firm support band around the waist that acts as an anchor and then the adjustable support hoops loop under the buttocks to lift them up, making them look firmer. It can be worn low or high on the hips and isn’t detected under most clothing. Dr. Hart compares the Binkini to a bra explaining that women have support for their breasts but not for their backsides. Why have panties, thongs and lingerie but no Binkini? That’s a good question. Her product is available for approximately $40 and there is also a man version available called, Mankini.


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jk March 29, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Ok I'm sorry, but are you serious? This is a bit ridiculous. $40 dollars for this looks like torture ! Why not just get those shape shorts or something for cheaper? I think the best way to fix the booty is to exercise: squats, lunges, spin classes, or stairmaster. Way better because you'll actually have a cute BIKINI butt!


Bob May 26, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Thats ridicilous what the hell CUTE buns then ..she takes clothes off and looks the same . There should also be a caution this cuts circulation and you could end up with DVT and thats a serious matter


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