Carnie Wilson’s Weight Gain: Too much Cheesecake and not enough Fresh Diet

by Shannon on November 29, 2010

Thanks to the new cheesecake company she founded, singer Carnie Wilson has managed to gain weight and lose her position as Fresh Diet‘s spokeswoman.

Back in 1991 Carnie, who weighed in at 300 pounds, had gastric bypass surgery to reduce her weight to 150 pounds, but then she regained much of that weight after giving birth to her daughters.  Carnie, who signed up as Fresh Diet’s spokesperson in February was reportedly released from her duties on November 10th for breech of contract, although Carnie’s representatives say otherwise, stating the contract had ended.

However, Carnie gained 19 pounds while promoting Fresh Diet, obviously the opposite of the intended results and leading some to believe that she did not stick to her contract diet.

Carnie was promoting her cheesecakes while she was supposed to be only eating our three meals and two snacks a day,” says The Fresh Diet publicity Ezzy Duchman.

In either case, one would think it is an obvious conflict of interest to promote both cheesecake and a diet program.  Fresh Diet seems to agree.

We believe she wasn’t sticking to the plan and she wasn’t losing weight. If you’re baking cheesecake and selling it, then you can’t promote a diet company.” explains Fresh Diet.

Carnie was also seen on numerous occasions baking on her reality show, Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, which may be a contributing factor to her lack of weight loss.

Celeb Diet Doc Says…
Pretty much sums it up… Too much cheesecake… goes to show you without the proper behavioral changes even gastric bypass won’t work.  Besides I have already said many a times, obesity is not a plumbing problem.


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