Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Diet and Workout

by Alice on July 19, 2010

The beautiful Carrie Underwood married her handsome hockey player Mike Fisher on Saturday.  She looked gorgeous and that’s because her “soon-to-be-married” diet and workout routine paid off. Being a celebrity means you have to look good every time, but at a wedding you know all eyes are on you and can’t afford not to look fabulous.

To get in the best shape of her life, Carrie followed a vegetarian diet and had a workout routine that included weight training and cardio, which she confessed she loves doing.

“My favorite thing is cardio. […]It helps the pounds melt off and it gives me so much more energy. Now when I’m performing and running around the stage, it’s no big deal, whereas before I was gasping for breath.”

Having an objective in mind, Carrie used a diet journal to keep track of what she was eating, making sure to include healthy foods, as well as occasional treats. She says that writing down her menu helped her stay focused and, since she is a nighttime eater, figure out just how much she could eat during late night dinners.

“I discovered that writing down everything I eat makes such a difference, because you never realize how much you’re consuming unless you read it later in the day,” said Carrie.

Carrie is known to have an obsession with her tummy because of her “fat genes”. That’s why she chose to ask for the guidance of a professional and her pick was NHL trainer Tony Greco, who helped her get in shape for her wedding. If we look at her wedding photos, we’d say he did a great job.


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