Chelsea Clinton’s Weight Loss of 30 Pounds For Wedding!

by Shannon on August 8, 2010

Father and Bride both worked hard to lose weight before the big day.

The U.S. “royal” wedding has taken place and the bride, Chelsea Clinton, looked absolutely stunning and in better shape than she’s ever been.

Thirty year old Chelsea has ended up in such remarkable shape, dropping to a size 2 and tonging up nicely, by doing something called spinning.  Spinning is a cardio workout that uses a stationary exercise bike containing a weighted flywheel.  It is quite intense and can burn around 500 calories per hour.

Spinning is gaining popularity and many people are taking specialized spinning classes. Chelsea prefers the Soul Cycle workout studio on New York City.

“She’s in amazing shape cardio-wise,” says a fellow cyclist, “she has incredible energy and she’s unbelievably well toned.”

There have even been reports that Chelsea has been spotted doing back to back classes, 90 minutes of spinning.  Wow!

Chelsea enjoys spinning so much that she has been seen in at least three of the five locations in the New York City area and even organized the Clinton Haiti Relief Fund that was held at the Tribeca location.  All the proceeds from that 90 minute ride were donated to the relief fund.

Other celebrities that enjoy Soul Cycle include Kelly Ripa, Brooke Shields, and Kyra Sedgewick.


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Roseanna Leaton Hypn August 19, 2010 at 5:19 am

She certainly looks amazing. Well done, girl! Spinning is a rigorous exercise and can definitely become addictive as you end up on such a major high with it.

Many people overlook the real value of this endorphin release. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel great, invincible perhaps; when you are feeling good you tend to do whats good for yourself so its a lot easier to eat healthily and so on. It has the power to put you into the right mind set to lose weight easily.

She also had further great motivation in that she was planning her wedding for which we all like to look our best, let alone when cameras from all over the world are attempting to snap shots of you from all angles.


Josselyne September 9, 2010 at 12:52 pm

No matter how thin or fat she is, she will never be pretty – never, ever, ever. This is a homely looking woman, plastic surgeons, diets or not. She looked like a homely cabbage coming down the aisle, at first I liked the dress, until I dissected it. She has no breasts nor a pretty face so why bare up like that??? UGHHG. I compare that to Ivanka Trump who was far more elegant and attractive, at that; or Elin Nordegren who was a ravishingly cute bride. This gal in comparison looked garishly made up like a homely clown in a poufy clown suit.


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