Cliff Richard’s Diet and Workout

by Alice on September 3, 2010

Sir Cliff Richard, the  English musician, is getting close to turning 70, but you definitely can’t tell that from the way he looks. Cliff’s latest calendar has just been released and he’s looking amazing and extremely fit.

Cliff  has been eating one meal a day for almost all of his life. Three years ago, his masseur convinced him to start following the Blood Type diet. This means that he has to avoid certain foods depending on his blood group. Cliff is a type A, so he had to remove dairy, red meat, wheat, potatoes, papaya, mangoes and tomatoes from his menu. Instead, his dies includes fish, chicken, turkey, and rice.

“He has always been incredibly ­sensible about his diet. To look that good, you need to have a dedicated lifestyle — it doesn’t come easy. He has always been very careful with his intake,”explained one of his friends, Mark Borkowski.

Although Cliff is happy with the Blood Type diet because it helps him keep the weight off, he admits that he’s not thrilled about giving up his favorite food.

“I can eat more than I’ve ever eaten and I still can’t put on a pound,” he said. “I do miss a good Indian curry, but if you are going to try to enhance your diet, it will mean giving up something you love to eat.”

He also avoids orange juice because he thinks it can cause kidney stones, but he does indulge on a glass of champagne or red wine. His controlled diet and constant motivation has allowed the 69-year-old to keep the 30in waistline for the past 30 years.

To complement his diet, Cliff also takes multi-vitamins and a pill of lecithin every day, which is said to stop fat from depositing on the body.

When it comes to exercising, Sir Cliff has a very active lifestyle. He walks for five miles, goes cycling and plays tennis three times a week. Since he owns a gym in every one of his homes, Cliff also works out two times a week.

If, like many of us, you believe his calendar photos are retouched, his friend Borkowski tries to convince us otherwise:

“Cliff does look this good and I doubt whether airbrushing was used for these photos,” said Borkowski.


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Julie September 17, 2012 at 1:14 am

I eat boiled eggs and some white bread. Not much fruit, bing at weekends and a variety of other foods in the English diet.


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