Gary Barlow’s Diet and Workout Regime

by Alice on January 29, 2011

After reaching a weight of 240lbs, as a result of his band ‘Take That’ splitting up back in 1996, singer Gary Barlow has now finally learned what a healthy diet is all about. He has embarked on a diet that is strict enough to prevent him from eating too much, but balanced enough to allow him to splurge once in a while.

The songwriter confessed that a few years ago he would get up earlier so he could eat more. These days, he’s learned the magic of portion control.

“The key to me was portion sizes and I think people forget that, if you can control your portion size you can eat what you want and you’ve cracked it,” he said.

In addition to that, he was advised by a friend not to go on a seven-day, non-stop regime because, at some point, he’ll most likely want to give up and then “fall of the wagon”.  Therefore, his decided his diet should also include a cheat day. So, Gary sticks to his diet for 6 days and on the last day of the week he forgets all about it and just splurges.

“I’d get up early on a Saturday to get started but I would make such a pig of myself and I thought ‘I don’t want to be this’ and after a few weeks the food got less and now it’s a part of life, I know when I’m full and I even recognize when I’m full but want to keep eating because I’m a pig,” he confessed.

Aside from his diet, Gary exercises every day, except weekends, to keep his body in shape. He’s into cardio, Pilates and tennis.


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