Geri Halliwell’s Diet Tips: How she handles cheat days

by Alice on September 19, 2010

Geri Halliwell, the former Spice Girl singer, seems to be getting back into shape, although she’s gained some weight and is much curvier then she was a few years back. At a photo shoot in Key West, Florida, the 38-year-old was looking great.

Halliwell is taking care of her body, but she’s no longer making an obsession out of it. Let’s not forget she used to be bulimic and obsessed with exercising in order to lose weight. Two years ago she confessed that, even though she looked confident, she was always worried about her figure.

“People think I’m really confident but I do get self-conscious like many women about stripping off in public, she said. “I haven’t been willingly photographed in a bikini for seven years – and I don’t think I’ll do it again.”

The singer was always working hard to look fit, but she constantly wanted to reach perfection.

“I did strive to have my most perfect body and, in moments when I lack confidence, that voice is always there waiting to tell me, “You are not good enough, do better,” but I’m more conscious of it,” she said a few years back.

Halliwell says she’s not following a strict diet, as she did before, but that she does eat healthy and that’s all she wants now.

“I don’t have a strict diet any more. I eat cake, crisps, sugar-free chocolate and chips if I want to,” she said. “I can’t be bothered to follow a grueling food plan. I’m a petite person and if I eat relatively healthily I’ll stay that way.”

She also indulges if she feels like it, but admits that she doesn’t punish herself for that like she used to.

“I just eat more healthily the next day,” said the singer.

These days, she’s more into having a healthy lifestyle and being happy and comfortable with her fuller figure.


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