Giuliana Rancic’s Diet Plan

by Isabella on May 18, 2011

Once and for all, the world can get the skinny on Giuliana Rancic‘s diet plan. We might not all be blessed with the Italian host’s natural good looks or metabolism but going through her diet plan will help anybody pick up a few tips and tricks they can incorporate into their own meal plans to begin shedding some of those unwanted pounds.

Everyday before going to bed, Giuliana prepares a pot of Yerbamate tea which is left to cool in the fridge overnight. Then Giuliana begins each day at4:35am, making the gym her first stop before having any solid breakfast. She does, however, sip on the preprepared tea from the night before to give her enough energy for her morning workout.

Tea seems to be a large component of her daily food and beverage intake, as she subscribes to various brands and types of tea. She drinks anywhere from two to four cups a day, jumping from Dr. Tea’s Garden green or oolong tea to GT’s Kombucha which comes in an array of flavors. Rancic uses the tea as snacks to suppress hunger between meals and boost her energy throughout the day (as a caffeine substitute).

Breakfast: organic grapefruit, egg whites-only omelet with varying veggies and herbs. Spinach is a staple, but she has listed mushroom, cilantro, onions, broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, grilled chicken or turkey breast as some of her usual ingredients. The omelet is prepared without any butter or oil, only “a light mist of Pam cooking spray.”

Mid-morning snack: Kashi’s TLC bars, usually in Honey Almond Flax or Cherry Dark Chocolate.

Lunch: Rotisserie chicken breast, skin removed from Koo Koo Roo or a salmon bowl with brown rice from Whole Foods with steamed vegetables on the side, or a healthy chicken salad without wontons or fried ingredients. An apple or grapefruit or a Kashi bar for dessert.

Mid-afternoon snack: A second Kashi bar (if she’s only had one so far in the day) or freshly squeezed vegetable juice which includes carrots, beets, cucumbers, broccoli, kale, ginger and lemon.

Dinner: Brown rice sushi without mayo or sashimi with low-sodium soy sauce. Also, grilled chicken breast or any white fish (such as halibut, salmon, hay tuna) with steamed vegetables. Dessert is usually a cup of berries.

The E! Host has also cut out coffee and artificial sweeteners from her diet, as well as oil, butter, sugar (replaces it with natural honey if absolutely necessary). Her favorite cheat food is a small side of pasta, which she still shares with her husband, Bill Rancic, or friends to still cut calories despite succumbing to cravings.

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