Hawaii Five-O’s Alex O’ Laughlin Diet and Exercise

by Isabella on May 17, 2011

In honor of the recently announced pick up of a second season of the remade Hawaii Five-O series, here’s a feature on the super sexy lead of the action packed show, Alex O’Loughlin. The aussie took some time out to get interviewed on how he keeps himself ripped for the show, as he plays Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret.

The aussie is best known on film for his role across Jennifer Lopez in The Back Up Plan, where he also strutted his perfectly sculpted bod.

When he’s not in front of the camera as a legalized vigilante crime fighter on the beautiful shores of Hawaii, Alex likes to keep himself occupied working out in the heart of nature, not confined in a 50×25 pool.

That’s why you shouldn’t let his clean cut appearance on and off the show fool you. Alex O’loughlin is rugged on the inside. He says he’s been rough and tough since he was a kid, falling out of swings and even getting himself into motorcycle accidents when he was older. The lesson he learned? Nothing is more important that his core.

“Every workout I do has a core-based strength to it. If you focus on your core, doing Pilates and things, everything else will respond better.”

While he may not be saran wrap ripped like other celebrities, you can tell that Alex isn’t your typical gym rat on a crazy fad diet. He follows a strict meal plan 6 days of the week: Low-sodium, no oil or butter and a gallon to a gallon and a half of water daily. Here’s a his typical meal plan:

Breakfast: 1c oatmeal with honey and a “splash of milk”, banana

Lunch or Dinner:  Rice or pasta with organic chicken and steamed vegetables.

Admittedly, Alex has a sweet tooth which he allows himself to indulge once a week.


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