Matt and Suzy Hoover: Biggest Loser Follow up

by Dr Marc on August 30, 2007

A lot has happened since Matt Hoover and the now Suzy Hoover (formerly Suzy Preston), got married after Season 2 of the Biggest loser. They are the proud parents of son Rex, who is 2 months old, and are set to return to the Biggest Loser for the reunion show coming to NBC September 4. Have they managed to keep the weight off?

The Hoover Family Biggest Loser Update
Suzy Hoover as would be expected did gain weight as a result of her recent birth. On season 2 of the Biggest Loser she lost an incredible 95 lbs and according to People Magazine she is now a size 14 compared to her pre-pregnancy size 8. Suzy is working to get back to her pre-baby size 8, by weight lifting and taking daily 2 mile walks.

Matt Hoover lost an equally impressive 157 lbs which gave him the season 2 title of “Biggest Loser”, while Suzy came in third. He too reports gaining some weight going from a waist size of 32 to 36 since the show ended. Not to be outdone, Matt is looking to drop some lbs with cardio and weight lifting.

Hoover Family Biggest Loser Diet
Matt and Suzy’s diet plan includes:
Breakfast: FiberOne cereal or egg whites
Lunch: ground turkey or chicken
Dinner: Steak and veggies for dinner.

Celebrity Diet Doctor Weigh In…
Interesting to note that Matt was a championship wrestler and a 4 four time member of NCAA champion, Iowa. He’s obviously quite the competitor and little wonder he pulled off the win on the show. It’s not surprising that Matt gained some weight after losing an incredible amount of weight on the show. Suzy has a good exercise plan in place. I am a huge fan of walking which will help keep the weight off. The weight lifting will help her develop metabolically active muscle which will help her burn calories.

Reviewing their diet plan it’s a little heavy on the protein, which can be a good strategy for weight loss if it prevents you from overeating refined carb products such as bread, cakes and donuts. I would like to see more unprocessed fruits and veggies (helps lower overall calorie intake) along with a small amount of protein (protein helps curb hunger) at every meal.

Matt and Suzy Hoover prove that the family that stays together, loses weight together!

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Diane Searfoss September 5, 2007 at 4:02 pm

I'm am so pleased for Matt and Suzy for living a healthy lifestyle. They have had a worldwind of a life since BL. Nothing about their lives has been normal since there last weigh-in. Of course, they were going to gain weight. They are human and I'd wager to guess food addicts like me. It's not about losing the weight, it's about living the life you've dreamed of. The stressors in just 2 years have been change of jobs, location, marriage, fame, and now new baby. Dealing with any of these would make anyone overeat. I know they'll do just fine with taking the baby weight off. I did and I had been overweight my whole life. It was just eating healthy and exercise. I'm so proud of all the contestants whether they kept it off or not. They were very brave to do it at "The Ranch" in front of the whole world. I hope everyone has compassion for these normal human beings. Goodness knows I haven't been able to keep my weight loss off every time, but they have inspired me to keep trying.


Ak Girl January 2, 2009 at 1:58 pm

MAtt and Suzy you have a beautiful family and give a lot of people inspritation! Keep up the positive way of life! Suzy you look great after the two kids!


Jim May 5, 2010 at 11:46 am

They both have a lot of weight to lose if you ask me


jgirl June 3, 2013 at 10:39 am

Now June 2013, What do these two look like now? Wish BL would keep up with ALL the contestants that have ever appeared on the show and let us know how they are doing. I tried to find information on them, next to impossible.


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