Michael Douglas Needs A Feeding Tube To Gain Weight

by Shannon on December 19, 2010

Poor Michael Douglas has been bravely fighting for his life as he battles his throat cancer and at times he looks like he is gaining weight and a more natural, healthy looking glow.  At other times,he looks as if he is losing the battle with the deadly disease.

Now sources say that the 66-year-old actor is quite possibly near the end of a losing battle.  Despite recent reports that he was finally gaining the weight the doctors require him to gain, sources say that he is to the point of needing a feeding tube that he won’t accept.

Michael is continuing to lose his battle. He’s fought his doctors, who have pleaded with him to have a feeding tube inserted to help him put on weight. But he’s refused,” says a source close to the family.

Michael, who puts on a confident smile in front of most of the cameras, is actually feeling sick and worn down much of the time.  At 139 pounds and dropping, it doesn’t appear that his energy will increase without the aid of proper nutrition and weight gain.

All and all, he’s lost a total of 36 pounds so far.  However, Michael seems to think that his diet of aloe-infused water will be enough to get him through this weight loss.  Although, the drink is meant to help detoxify his system and aid in his digestion process, it is not enough, especially since the new diet he was put on is not helping him gain weight either.

It’s like putting a Band-aid on a major wound,” says the source, “and a new diet of raw fats, organic liver, creamy pasta and chicken soup that was thought to help him put on weight has not been successful.”

Maybe Michael will give in and obey the doctors’ orders so that he may hopefully return to full health.


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