Ross Mathews, the Intern: Weight Loss and Diet

by Dr Marc on August 21, 2007

Photo by: Steve Granitz / WireImage; Devan / INF
Ross Mathews, “the Intern” of Late Night with Jay Leno fame and most recently a celebrity participant of Celebrity Fit Club, has lost his “baby fat”! In fact, he has lost a remarkable 50 lbs or “half a Nicole Richie” as he put it in People Magazine. In college he was 230 lbs and although he managed to lose 16 lbs by “eating a bag of baked Lays as opposed to a bag of Cheetos,” he didn’t address the real issue which was “why do you have an entire bag of anything?” His motivation for joining Celebrity Fit Club and losing weight stemmed from the recent passing of his father. “It made me take inventory of my life. It was now or never.”

Ross Mathews: Weight Loss Secret?
Referring to his 41 lb weight loss while on the show Ross reveals, “I learned how to treat food as fuel, as opposed to the thing that accompanied television.” On his blog Ross adds:

“The big secret is… there’s really no secret at all.

It’s about eating well and moving your body. That’s it.

But then I thought, “Why has it worked for you so far this time?”

The only answer I can come up with is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Every couple of weeks I had to walk into a room and let the nation know what I weighed. Not only that, but I had a team of people who were counting on me to reach my goal.

I’ve never had that before.

Even now – just this morning – Maureen McCormick called me to tell me what she had for breakfast just like she always does and, since we’ve both been busy and slacking a bit lately, we promised each other we’d go to the gym today and report back tomorrow.

“Don’t lie to me if you don’t go,” she said.

“Oh my God, never!” I replied.

That’s accountability.”

He has lost another 10 lbs since the show, and his goals now include “toning up” although he admits to feeling that “exercise sucks.”

Celebrity Diet Doctor Weigh in…
When asked about why men finally choose to lose weight it often is because of an event centered around health. For Ross, the passing of his father made him stand up and take notice of his own health.

It’s great to see that Ross has kept up his “weight loss” ways by continuing to lose weight after Celebrity Fit Club. By his own admission he has done this by making himself “accountable.” Whether it’s partnering with a diet buddy, like Ross has done with Maureen, or keeping a food journal, accountability is an important key to weight loss. Remember, while diet and exercise are vital, weight loss is 90% mental and Ross has learned to finally lose a substantial amount of weight by changing his behavior. Learning to stop snacking while watching TV is a good example of this.

While Ross would like to “tone up,” exercise is even more important for keeping the weight off. Instead of going to the gym, which Ross seems to dislike, I would suggest daily walking as a lifestyle exercise that he can more easily incorporate into his life. It is also the most popular exercise of the most successful weight loss “losers.”

A big Congrats to Ross on his 50 lb weight loss!

Check out these links to learn more about Ross:

Ross “the Intern” MySpace Page:

Ross Blog:

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Ross rocks!! Thanks for posting the link to the fanpage on myspace!:)


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So proud of Ross, he inspires me.


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I hope the weight is still coming off.


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