The United States is a Junk Food Nation

by Megan on October 4, 2009

americans not eating their fruits and veggies

It’s no real surprise that a report by the Center for Disease and Control has found that Americans are not eating their daily recommended two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables. But it’s shocking to discover that the number of those who are getting their daily servings had plummeted to a meager 14% of adults and 10% of teenagers. It’s even more shocking when the Department for Health are trying to increase the percentage of Americans meeting the diet recommendations to 75%.

The report, the State Indicator Report of Fruits and Vegetables, 2009, was released this week by the CDC, and ranked states according to the percentage of residents who actually eat two servings a fruit and three servings of vegetables every day.

Here are the full rankings from lowest to highest:

1. Mississippi: 8.8%
2. Oklahoma and South Carolina: 9.3%
3. Alabama: 9.8%
4. South Dakota: 10.1%
5. West Virginia: 10.3%
6. Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina: 10.6%
7. Arkansas and Missouri: 11.2%
8. Louisiana: 11.5%
9. Minnesota: 11.6%
10. Michigan and Nevada: 11.8%
11. Ohio: 12.2%
12. Delaware and Iowa: 12.3%
13. New Mexico: 12.5%
14. Idaho: 13.0%
15. Tennessee: 13.1%
16. Utah: 13.2%
17. Georgia and North Dakota: 13.3%
18. Indiana: 13.5%
19. Illinois and Wisconsin:13.7%
20. Alaska: 13.9%
21. Nebraska: 14.0%
22. Virginia: 14.2%
23. Texas: 14.3%
24. Montana: 14.5%
25. Rhode Island and Wyoming: 14.6%
26. New Jersey: 14.9%
27. Pennsylvania and Washington State: 15.1%
28. Colorado: 15.2%
29. Maryland: 15.4%
30. Florida and Oregon: 15.6%
31. Arizona and California: 16.1%
32. Connecticut and New Hampshire: 16.2%
33. Massachusetts: 16.4%
34. New York: 16.5%
35. Hawaii: 17.5%
36. Maine: 17.7%
37. Vermont: 17.9%
38. Washington DC: 20.1%

“Throughout states and communities, many groups play a role in supporting policy and environmental change to ensure that individuals and families can easily purchase and consume fruit and vegetables,” the report said. “When state officials, health professionals, employers, retail owners, farmers, school staff and community members work together, their efforts can increase the number of Americans who live healthier lives by increasing the availability of affordable healthier food choices such as fruit and vegetables.”

Celeb Diet Doc
Hey no surprise, Americans and folks from many western nations eat like crap. High processed food consumption is leading to exploding rates of obesity and obesity related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. You are what you eat and for the overwhelming majority of Americans that is junk food.

What I find amazing is that the root cause for many of our chronic illnesses is our calorie rich, nutrient deficient diet yet we continue to believe that all this can be solved by our crazy pill popping society. So yes your doctor may give you medications to put a band-aid on your high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebral vascular disease, etc but you are not getting better, in fact you are getting worse. These medications just treat the numbers but don’t address your real problem which is a crappy diet. So while your cholesterol numbers may come down the underlying disease processes continue to ravage your body.

Don’t get me wrong these meds are necessary for a lot of people to prevent them from getting a whole lot worse but the underlying problem is being ignored.

Eat more veggies and fruit. And if you think you eat enough, you’re wrong. When I do a detailed analysis of folks who claim to eat enough fruits and veggies, their consumption always falls short, way short. Remember the more whole unprocessed foods you consume the healthier you will become. This is stronger than any medicine and a whole lot cheaper.



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Carlos January 8, 2010 at 7:00 pm

I heard a shocking study that said that the most popular “vegetable” as reported by children under the age of 18 in the US is french fries! That’s just ridiculous. eat your veggies people


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