Wynonna Judd’s 55 Pound Weight Loss!

by Shannon on November 2, 2010

Although Wynonna Judd is a fairly well known celebrity, she is most definitely not known for her appealing curves or stick thin body.  Now, she still not known for being stick thin, but she most definitely has some appealing curves after losing 55 pounds.

Feeling more alive than she’s ever felt and sexier in a dress five sizes smaller, Wynonna has even gone clubbing with friends and surprisingly wound up giving pole dancing a try.

I went to my first club in Vegas and danced on the pole with friends!” Judd says. “I feel more alive.”

And feeling more alive is something that Judd does not take lightly after coming through two completely life altering experiences last year that totally changed her outlook on life.

Last March, Judd underwent surgery to repair damaged stomach muscles and developed complications from the surgery, blood clots in her lungs.  It was only four months after that she was in a head on car wreck.  So, it is no small wonder that she suddenly became “more determined than ever to commit to a healthier lifestyle.”

She’s even turned to brain state conditioning to help her maintain the new healthy lifestyle.  Like so many others do, she used food as a crutch an da way to cope with stress, but brain conditioning is a treatment designed to help patients avoid doing that.

My weight was a symptom and not the problem,” says the 46-year-old. “I used food to soothe and reward and I don’t do that anymore.”

One other thing she did to help keep her eating habits in check is to change out her pantry items for more healthy options.  She no longer keeps donuts around, knowing that she always eats more than one if she does have them around.

She’s even feeling more inclined to take daily walks around her property, feeling pretty pleased that she can walk up the hill behind her home with no problem now.


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